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Dense-Packed Blown Fiberglass


Virginia Foam Insulators uses the term “Dense Packed” to refer to when we install Fiberglass at densities approaching 4.0 lbs./ft3. Depending on the installation approach used, typical Fiberglass has a density of between 1.5 lbs./ft3. and 3.0 lbs./ft3. Dense Packed Fiberglass insulation is used in the retrofit market where it is installed by removing pieces of siding or roofing from poorly insulated or older homes. Holes are strategically drilled horizontally across the structural surface of the home so that the holes are centered in each framing cavity. Insulation is then blown via a hose into the holes filling the cavity.

Virginia Foam Insulators uses the latest in Fiberglass from Guardian for our Dense Pack jobs. Guardian’s product is a high quality Fiberglass insulation used in new construction or retrofit markets. Guardian is designed to be blown dry into structural cavities.

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